FAQ: The Different Types Of Cheeses 

Whether you’re a die-hard cheese fan or just beginning, you will know that cheese is excellent food after your first bite. That said, every cheese is not for everyone – that is why there are hard and sem-hard cheeses or soft and semi-soft cheeses. Here are a handful of our favorite hard and soft cheeses. Visit The Venetian to try some of our options today. 


Hard Cheese

Here are just a few of our favorite hard cheeses:



Commonly known as Parmesan, this dense and granular cheese produces a fruity and nutty flavor. It’s great on everything – grated on pasta dishes, shaved on top of a caesar salad, or sprinkled on soup.



This may be one of the most common cheeses. Initially manufactured in England, cheddar cheese is the most eaten cheese in the world. It has a creamy yet sharp flavor and comes in plenty of shapes and forms. Its sharpness depends on its aging time. It’s perfect for grilled cheese sandwiches! 



The last of our most popular hard cheeses is Swiss. Mutty and sweet, this cheese is popularly known as the ‘mouse cheese’ due to the large holes. The larger the holes in a wedge of Swiss cheese, the more pronounced the flavor. Swiss cheese is famously delicious in burgers and sandwiches.


Soft Cheese

Here are just a few of our favorite soft cheeses: 



Brie is a French cheese and is very well known – it has been nicknamed The Queen of Cheeses. This fruity, nutty cheese is a great dessert cheese or popular baked; and dare I say – the stinkier, the better.



Everyone has heard of Feta. It is usually made with goat’s and sheep’s milk and is most famous for its presence in Greek food. The flavor, texture, and aroma vary depending on the region where it’s made. It can be soft and creamy or hole-less and dry. 



Lastly, Ricotta is a fresh Italian cheese made from the whey left over during the cheese production process. This sweet, fluffy cheese has a light consistency. Ricotta is the perfect addition to toast, desserts, or is popular on pizza dishes.


Visit The Venetian in Weymouth, MA 

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