Italian Wines You Should Try This Fall

Italian wines are rich in flavor and texture. You can’t get enough of Italian wines for a good reason. Thrown in with the fall breeze and aesthetic and Italian wines taste even sweeter. 


There is a wide selection of Italian wines you can choose from. However, be careful of choosing ones that are too light or too heavy, too sweet or too bitter. Because of the vast collection, people need to be educated about choosing a wine bottle befitting their preferences and the autumn appeal. Here are some of our recommendations: 


Veneto, Scaia Paradiso 

Italy celebrates the wine season more than most, and you can see evidence of this during the fall season. The classic scaia paradisco found in Veneto is a blend of Corvina, Corvinone, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Rondinella. 


It has a softness that is combined with Morello cherry, sweetened red berries, tobacco, licorice, and black pepper. It tastes even better with classic Italian pasta or grilled meat with vegetables. It’s one of the most popular wines among Italians.


Lombardy, Tenuta di Scerscé “Nettare” Rosso di Valtellina

This is a warmer and younger version of the wine Nebbiolo, and it is considerably more bubbly and bright; it’s perfect for autumn. It has pleasant fragrances, coating each sip with rose petals, fresh cherries, and crushed rocks. 


There are accents of wild strawberries, graphite minerals, dark cherries, and subtle notes of fennel play combined with pleasant tannins in this savory wine. This wine is an excellent introduction to the Nebbiolo collection. It’s also quite different than the other wines at Nebbiolo.


Barbera d’Alba

The shift in seasons from hot summer days to slow autumn breeze can only be correctly appreciated with Barbera d’Alba. The vineyard in Piedmont sets the whole autumn vibe with grace due to the magnificent mountains covered with greenery. 


Barbera has a subtle tart and tangy taste with juicy rustic flavors that leave a spark in your mouth. It has notes of hedgerow blackberries that are mellow and sweet and melt with a warm vanilla flavor. The tart taste comes from the multiple spices incorporated into it.


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