June 2: The History of Italian Republic Day

On June 2, Italians worldwide celebrate Italian Republic Day. Here’s what you need to know: On June 2, 1946, Italians voted to abolish a monarchy that had lasted 85 years – the House of Savoy – and, the Republic of Italy was born. The referendum resulted in 12,717,923 votes ‘for’ and 10,719,284 votes ‘against‘.


Fun Facts about Italian Republic Day

  • The House of Savoy had ruled Italy since 1861, and its final monarch, Umberto II, only got to be king for a month before the referendum. This earned him the nickname ‘Re di Maggio’ or ‘the May King’.
  • In March 1977, Italy’s economy wasn’t doing so well. All the public holidays were thought to be having a negative impact, so Republic Day was moved to the first Sunday of June. In 2001, it was changed back to June 2.
  • Before Italy became a Republic, the first Sunday of June was known as the Feast of the Albertine Statute. This was set forth in the constitution of 1848 and was seen as the foundation of the Kingdom of Italy.


Republic Day Celebrations in Italy 

Although celebrations will be limited here in the US, we can live vicariously through those living in Rome. 

Rome hosts a vast military parade through the historic center, with small celebrations in many other cities and towns throughout the region. The presidential palace opens its gardens to the public free of charge. One of the most popular events is the flyover by Frecce Tricolori, Italy’s Air Force. The planes will fly over the Altare Della Patria monument in Piazza Venezia, leaving a green, white, and red smoke trail in honor of the Italian flag. 


Where You Can Celebrate Italy in Massachusetts! 

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