National Drink Wine Day: Reds and Whites That You Should Try!

February 18 is National Drink Wine Day, and we believe this day should come with proper education on the history of wine. Not to mention some delicious options for you to try this yeay. Communities around the world have been turning grapes into wine for thousands of years. With that being said, no one is certain who the first was to ferment grapes into wine. Keep reading to learn more!


The Origin of Wine

There is evidence of ancient wine production found in China, the Middle East, & Greece, so it’s possible many regions discovered it at once. Wine has changed immensely over the years, with different flavors constantly being developed and combined.

With that being said, the process of making it hasn’t changed in the thousands of years since its invention. The process is as follows: grapes are crushed, pressed, and fermented, and the mixture is sealed into barrels. This mixture is then aged and bottled. With these simple steps, wines can be created in all regions of the world.

There are a variety of different things that affect the way grapes grow and how the wine tastes. Things like soil, temperature, and weather all play a part. If two bottles of the same wine were created at the same vineyard, they still may taste different depending on the year, season and weather. Use National Drink Wine Day this year to experiment with the different flavors of wines. Try these delicious Italian wines at Venetian in Weymouth, MA – visit our blog to learn the best pasta dishes to pair it with!


White Wines To Try At Venetian in Weymouth, MA

Francis Ford Coppola, Chardonnay
This Chardonnay is both buttery and toasty. It has a delicious and unique creamy pear finish. The high acidity of this chardonnay makes it a perfect dinner wine. r.

Alverdi, Pinot Grigio
Our pinot grigio has notes of flowers and is well-balanced with lively white fruit flavors. It is harvested from Italy’s premier regions for the cultivation of Pinot Grigio. Alverdi Pinot Grigio is an excellent aperitif.


Red Wines To Try At Venetian in Weymouth, MA

Firesteed, Pinot Noir
Our fire steed Pinot Noir contains aromas of raspberries, cedar, leather, and exotic spices. The wine’s berry and cherry flavors continue throughout its lingering finish.

Bonterra, Cabernet
This Cabernet offers aromas of cherry and raspberry with small notes of oak and vanilla. While drinking this wine, you will experience a lingering and thoughtful finish.


Visit Venetian in Weymouth, MA

For national drink wine day, come to Venetian in Weymouth, MA! We have plenty of red and white wine options – sold by bottle or glass – not to mention our delicious Italian cuisine! Visit us today, make reservations online, or order takeout today.

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