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Where to Find Fresh Italian Cuisine on the South Shore

Are you visiting Massachusetts this Summer? Considering exploring the South Shore with friends and family? There are plenty of places to visit to get authentic Italian cuisine so that you can give your family a true Italian experience right here in Massachusetts.

The South Shore of Massachusetts stretches between Boston and Cape Cod along the shores of Massachusetts Bay and Cape Cod Bay. The towns on the shore include various municipalities throughout eastern Norfolk and Plymouth counties. The South Shore is known to be a very affluent area and, in its most literal definition, includes only cities and towns between Boston and Cape Cod that physically border the Atlantic. If you plan on visiting this beautiful coastal region, consider visiting The Venetian in Weymouth, MA!


Our Favorite Pasta and Wine Combos

With the summer days fast approaching, nothing beats indulging in an authentic, fresh Italian pasta dish with a glass of red or white wine. At The Venetian in Weymouth, MA, we have assembled our menu to better include flavors that work best together. With tomato-based sauce, creamy white sauce, and even pesto or a spicy bolognese, the wine you choose to pair it with makes it that much better. Not a wine connoisseur? Don’t worry! We will break down everything you need to know about wine and pasta.


Make Reservations at The Venetian in Weymouth, MA

If you don’t need any more convincing and you are ready to indulge in pasta and wine this season, visit The Venetian in Weymouth, MA. We take reservations or walk-ins, or you can order take-out – but we recommend coming in and enjoying our newly renovated interior. We offer a wide array of authentic Italian dishes ready to be enjoyed with friends, family, or community locals.

Do you have friends or family visiting from out of town and want to plan something special? You can also host a private event or order catering through The Venetian. We can provide you with incredibly fresh dishes, including traditional ravioli and pasta dishes, meat and seafood dishes, and much more.


Visit the South Shore in Massachusetts

At The Venetian in Weymouth, MA, we have a large range of delicious Italian-American cuisine that features bold flavors made in-house from fresh, quality ingredients. At The Venetian, we strive to provide guests with the freshest options – and that includes our pasta. Weymouth, MA, is a beautiful place to bring your friends and family and enjoy a summer’s day on the water and enjoy a fabulous dinner, event, or catering from The Venetian.

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