Where to Find These 3 Italian Comfort Foods This Winter

Winter is right around the corner, and here in Massachusetts, we are already starting to feel the crisp chill in the air. Whether or not you have Italian roots, everyone craves some good meatballs or chicken soup here and there. If you are looking for a good place to get Italian comfort foods this winter, look no further! We outline our favorite homecooked comfort foods, all that you can find at The Venetian in Weymouth.


Everyone’s favorite home-style comfort food is meatballs with red sauce. At Venetian in Weymouth, our famous meatballs come with ricotta cheese and a San Marzano tomato sauce. Visit us today to try this delicious meal, or try your hand at making meatballs yourself!

Nonna’s Italian Chicken Soup

If you have ever had a head cold or the common flu, you understand the importance of a strong chicken soup. At Venetian, our Nonna’s Italian Chicken soup will make you feel like you were transported back to grandma’s house on a cold day. Made with Parmigiano-Reggiano and chicken, this Italian soup can’t be missed.

Chicken Alfredo

Alfredo is one of the best meals for the winter season, with cozy weather the melted cheese and homemade pasta couldn’t be better. Made with garlic, white wine, and parmesan cheese, this chicken alfredo is unique and hard to beat. Visit Venetian to try it today, make reservations today.

How To Connect With Your Italian Roots

With the Winter season approaching, there couldn’t be a better time to connect with your Italian roots and start cooking. With the chill in the air, cooking up a nice warm Italian meal or going to your favorite restaurant – like The Venetian down the road in Weymouth – couldn’t be better! For those that may be feeling disconnected from all things Italy, we have a few ways that may help you feel more connected. Besides visiting the Venetian and trying the dishes above, here are some other ways to feel more connected!
Use more local produce. Choosing to buy fresh produce from your local market or grocery store will make your cooking feel much more similar to the homecooked style of Italian foods. Keep strong familial ties. Try and have sit-down meals, spontaneously call a relative to catch up, whatever it is to make you feel closer to your family – do it! Lastly, eat more, snack less. If you are having strong, full Italian meals, snacking won’t be necessary. Give it a try! Visit us in Weymouth if you don’t feel like cooking.

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