Why You Should Host Your Next Event at Venetian!

At The Venetian in Weymouth, MA, our brand new private dining room comfortably seats up to 40 guests and will hold up to 65 for a reception-style. We have a range of delicious Italian-American Events menus featuring bold flavor made in-house from fresh, quality ingredients. Connect with us for your next event! To inquire about available dates and menu selections, please contact us at 781-337-4363. Here are some more reasons why you should host your next event at Venetian.

Reinvigorated Neighborhood Classics

The new owners of this neighborhood classic, Eric Papachristos, and Paul King, are excited to welcome you back. The vision is to reinvigorate the restaurant with new ideas while honoring the classics that you’ve enjoyed for years. Our direction on the menu will include seasonal changes that will feature fresh and local ingredients, highlighting the art of traditional Italian cooking for your next event or catering order. We would be honored to have your taste, experience, and share our new neighborhood favorites.

Pasta, Pasta, Pasta!

At Venetian, we strive on providing guests with the freshest options – and that includes our pasta. For your next event, we will provide you with incredibly fresh pasta dishes. This includes a traditional red sauce with spaghetti, alfredo, five cheese ravioli, and much more. Venetian in Weymouth, MA is a great place to bring your friends and family and host a fabulous event with delicious fresh pasta dishes.

Wine Pairings For Your Favorite Dish

To minimize the risk of a stomach ache, you and your guests should enjoy your pasta with a wine that complements the flavor of the sauce. Lucky for you, we have put together a guide for you to better understand what flavors work best together. Between tomato-based sauce, creamy white sauce, and even pesto or a spicy bolognese, the wine you pair with it makes it that much better. Not a wine connoisseur, don’t worry! We will break down everything you need to know about wine and pasta.
Ready to indulge in pasta and wine with friends, family, or coworkers? Come on in and host your next event at Venetian in Weymouth. We offer a wide array of pasta dishes ready to be enjoyed with the perfect glass of wine. To get started today with our events and catering team, contact us today at 781-337-4363 or visit our website to learn more.

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